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AMFREY is a leading full practice law firm based in Tehran, Iran which provides exceptional legal help counsel.

Our practice is comprised of specialist practitioners, many with an international background.  Trough our Knowlege of Iranian legal system and rich experience of our Partners , including Dr. Alireza Azarbaijani an official well-known arbitrator of ACIC, the members of our arbitration team have the necessary expertise to provide representation at the highest level across regions and industries. 

We have acted as counsel and arbitrators in disputes involving parties arising in the following fields:

  • Joint Ventures, Consortia and Corporate
  • Sale and Purchase Agreements
  • Energy and Natural Resources, including disputes over Crude Oil, Refined Products, Metals and Minerals
  • International Trade
  • Distributorship and Agency Agreements
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Property Disputes
  • Insurance, Re-insurance and Mutual Assurance Issues
  • Investment and Infrastructure
  • Disputes arising under Bilateral Investment Treaties


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Dr. Alireza Azarbaijani



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